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Don’t worry about how great things are today. You do deserve this, and you shouldn’t fear for the future. Life is getting even better, actually, as long as you push yourself to do things right. Want even more insight? Get your personalized Birth Chart today.

This Week

Facing critical issues with your significant other, business partner, or a close friend could feel imperative at the beginning of the week. You’d do well to open up about how you really feel, then see how you can find a balance between your needs and theirs. Later, the cosmos signals a sweet time for romance and relaxation. If you find yourself getting swept up in your daydreams, planning a trip, or thinking about another eye-opening experience you can enjoy with someone you care about, there’s no reason to rein it in! Who were you in a past life? Discover where your karma will lead you with a personalized Karma Report.

This Month

Creative and Therapeutic

Cancer, the focus on Scorpio and your leisure sector can stir up some powerful energies. If you’re ready to explore your creative side, this is an excellent month to do so. But it’s also a good time to promote your skills and abilities and let others know what you’re capable of. Romance could be a strong focus too, because you’ll be attracted to those who have an air of mystery about them.

The new moon supermoon in Scorpio on November 5 has a feisty and impulsive energy. It opposes restless Uranus in your social zone, which could find you eager for new company. This isn’t the time to jettison old pals, but it certainly is an opportunity to explore groups that get you excited and fill you with enthusiasm for fresh possibilities.

This month packs a punch, and you’ll get the most out of it by being willing to explore your creativity and self-expression. Don’t hold back. You’ll be at your most attractive when you are totally yourself.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on the nineteenth could coincide with a time of completion. A project may be finalized or goal achieved, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the success you deserve.

This month does have a restless quality built in because both Mercury and Mars oppose Uranus on November 13 and November 17, respectively. If you feel trapped, you might be tempted to make an impulsive move that could leave you at a disadvantage.

The sun’s move into Sagittarius for four weeks, starting on the twenty-first, shines a light on your lifestyle, habits, and routines. This could be your chance to do some juggling. Jettison what isn’t working and adopt new ways of meeting your goals and targets.

Finally, the end of the month could find you holding a deep and meaningful conversation that may be long overdue.Reveal real-time guidance at your fingertips with the first-ever, astrology-centric digital dashboard. Get started with Astrology Plus today!

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