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Screen-free activities for kids to have fun and learn

Perhaps one of our most frequent concerns as parents is how to control or measure the amount of screen time we allow our children to use. Sometimes, we tend to use big screen devices to keep our kids entertained, but mostly to keep calm in one place.

However, children should not be in front of a screen for long periods of time as this can hinder their development in certain areas. While screen time isn’t a genetic bad thing, we should be cautious about the amount of time our kids spend with them in their early years.

So how can we find a balance between activities that keep kids entertained, pull them off the screen, and teach them something useful or new at the same time? Since Spimbey is an ally of fun and we take it very seriously, we’ve designed some unique screen-free activities for kids that all family members can participate in.

Let the fun begin

As you can imagine, here at Spimbey, we’re big fans of outdoor activities that expose our kids to direct contact with nature and all its wonders.

Once you’re outdoors, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your kids entertained for an afternoon. Here are some of them:

Treasure hunt.
Treasure hunt.
bird watching.
Hiking in the woods.
Play sports such as soccer or classic throwing and catching.
Petroglyphs (trust us, painted rocks can be fun).
Hula Hoop.
Blowing bubbles is always fun.
All of these are free activities that don’t take much to do, and can add a lot of fun to afternoons away from bright screens.

But if you want to level up and elevate your outdoor gaming experience, the Spimbey is for you. Made to strict international safety standards, our modular outdoor play sets are made from high-quality wood and provide a beautiful product that will look stunning in your backyard.

You can turn your patio into a wonderland where your kids can play and explore the outdoors while having crazy fun. Visit our online store and take advantage of our ongoing deals. Bring home the fun of play.

You can find fun ideas for kids anywhere, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to spend quality time with them as they grow up.

Cell phones, tablets or computers can help our children on the path to acquiring or reinforcing knowledge, of course, as a way to find entertainment, but they can also prevent us from spending quality time with our children.
Finding balance is the key to a happy childhood filled with golden memories and good times.