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Adding luxury to your home – chickidee

Chickidee is a British Independent Home Interiors brand designing beautifully affordable Interiors that positively affect
how we feel. Agile and responsive to trends we are overcoming the challenges of small space living with mindful design.
Our story starts with our founder Joe, his amazing Family and a passion for Interior Design. Joe started Chickidee because
he had a question nobody could answer.

“Why do really well designed Interiors have to be so expensive?”

Joe decided that great design should be inclusive, for everyone and Chickidee was born.

Who doesn’t love a touch of glam in the home? Our opulence range brings together golds, glassware and intricate marble for that luxurious look.

Soren Rattan Wall Shelf
£22.00 £55.00
Toulouse Sequin Basket Gold Small
£9.00 £18.00
Clay Tiny Folding Storage Crate
£2.80 £7.00
Sicily Wicker Planter
£11.20 £28.00
Athena Sand Metal Vase
£12.00 £30.00
Black Hexagonal Frame
£6.00 £15.00
Malala Jute Rug – Runner
£18.00 £45.00

A fragranced home
Our opulence range wouldn’t be complete without a way to liven up those other senses. Luxury isn’t just about appearances; luxury is about how a space makes you feel. It should lift your mood and create a striking atmosphere that hits you as soon as you step into a room. There’s no better way to do this than by tapping into that sense of smell.

Relax Pillar Candle Medium
£4.00 £10.00
Basil Garden Diffuser
£7.20 £18.00
Calm Tealights
£3.20 £8.00

For more Homeware, Bath&Beauty, Stationery&Desk, please go to Chicken official website:https://chickidee.co.uk/

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