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A close friend or colleague suggests an alliance to strengthen you both, and you should go for it! Your personal energy is fine, but when it’s combined with another’s, it’s practically indomitable. Want even more insight? Get your personalized Birth Chart today.

This Week

Although you’re a creature of habit, you might have a burning desire to get out of your comfort zone and take a bold leap of faith, perhaps in regard to your career or a major personal goal early in the week. Given the intensity of the moment, you could feel a bit nervous about what the future holds once you make this daunting move. But as long as it feels right intuitively, you can rest assured that you’re on track. Later in the week, you might have to contend with confusion when working with colleagues and or relating to your friends or romantic interest. Patience preempts any stress. Who were you in a past life? Discover where your karma will lead you with a personalized Karma Report.

This Month

The Art of Relating

Taurus, relationships may have been more intense since warrior Mars moved into Scorpio at the end of last month. With the sun already here and lively Mercury moving in on November 5, there is a lot more activity around your love life and other key bonds. If you’re in business, this can be when you get new clients or fresh inquiries. If you’re looking for love, there is the promise of meeting someone very special.

The new moon supermoon in Scorpio on the fourth is particularly powerful. It also opposes revolutionary Uranus, which means that you might be so eager for a fresh start that you’re willing to drop everything on the spur of the moment. While this might be fine in certain cases, it could cause more damage than it’s worth in others. First planning a route out so that you’re not left in limbo would be much better.

Luscious Venus, your personal planet, moves into Capricorn and your sector of adventure on November 5, so you might be looking for a relationship that has the ability to expand your options. In this case, more is better.

Watch out for power struggles, though, because you and others might not always see eye to eye. And reaching agreements or finding compromises may not be easy. If you’re going to move forward, it might involve some intense conversations.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign on the nineteenth could reverberate on many levels. This might be an opportunity to shed an old skin and welcome new growth into your life. It could be a time of celebration and accomplishment but also of acknowledging what has outgrown its purpose so you can move on.

Finally, as the sun moves into Sagittarius and your sector of transformation on November 21, you might be ready to adopt a philosophical approach to resolving some of your deeper life problems. Don’t ignore your feelings, though, because accepting and embracing them can help the more difficult ones melt away, leaving you free to flourish.Reveal real-time guidance at your fingertips with the first-ever, astrology-centric digital dashboard. Get started with Astrology Plus today!

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