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Stressed out parent? These Amazon Black Friday deals are for you

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There’s no denying the tremendous amount of gear it takes to be a modern parent — from car seats and baby carriers to play yards and safety mats. Fortunately, there are discrete moments on the calendar when a lot of these necessities are on sale. And the best of all may indeed be Black Friday.

Right now you can benefit from some serious sales on goods to make your parenting life a whole lot easier. Not just baby monitors and white noise machines, but also parent-friendly apparel (like cute joggers with pockets). We combed the Internet for spectacular savings so you can get straight to the sales. We know you’re busy!

Owlet Smart Sock and Owlet Cam 

Owlet Smart Sock
Track baby’s sleep sessions and heart rate with this smart sock — and save nearly $76! (Photo: Amazon)

Owlet’s Smart Sock is a wearable device for babies and children that tracks sleep, heart rate and bloody oxygen level. It wraps around the foot and ankle and measures using a sensor tucked inside the fabric. The washable sock pairs to a Base Station that relays information to your smart phone so you can check in on your child from anywhere. Right now the Smart Sock is down from $300 to just $224.

One reviewer, a first time mom, says “Set up was a breeze for both the app and the Base Station, and as soon as the sock is synced it’s ready to use. Getting the sock placed the first time was a little bit challenging on a wiggly baby foot, but the guides in the app have a helpful step-by-step instructions and videos to figure that out…I would 100% recommend this to any other first-time parents out there, or anyone who might be looking for extra peace of mind while baby is sleeping!”

$224 $300 at Amazon

Owlet also makes a crisp, clear 1080p baby monitor that can display your nursery, day or night, and can send notifications to your phone. The Cam is 34 percent off making it just $99.

$99 $150 at Amazon

Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest
A nightlight and noise machine you can control from your phone — 40 percent off. (Photo: Amazon)

The Hatch Rest is a sleek device that acts as a night light and white noise machine. There are preset combinations or you can create your own out of the dozen or so sounds, including waves, wind and rain, and colors. It can be programmed to start or stop your favorites for night time routines, and can be turned on either through the app or by using the buttons on the device itself making it ideal for keeping babies asleep and sleep training older kids. The Rest is currently 40% off so it’s just $60! 

A reviewer who left the Hatch five stars on Amazon, says “the sounds are so crisp and soothing and realistic. The colors are beautiful. The sensor is insanely practical — along with the phone app to control. If my daughter wakes in the middle of the night and cries, I can just change the sound to a lullaby FROM MY PHONE and she would quiet and go back to sleep.” 

$60 $100 at Amazon

G Gradual yoga pants 

G Gradual yoga pants
Half leggings, half joggers, all comfort! (Photo: Amazon)

Parents put in a lot of work, so it always helps to have several pairs of extremely comfortable yoga pants kicking around the closet. They’re perfect to throw on in the morning and can go from a playground to a park to a supermarket without pause. These G Gradual yoga pants also have the most essential feature of any outfit — pockets! And they have comfortable elastic at the waist and cuffs at the ankle for a snug fit. They’re available in twenty different colors, and right now they’re down to just $29 so it’s well worth grabbing a few pairs. 

A reviewer who calls these jogger-slash-leggings the best combo since PB&J says “The style is perfect and the comfort level is too! I work with animals all day so not only is comfort an issue, so is durability, flexibility and style. These pants meet every single one! Plus they almost repel fur! The pockets are deep and don’t bunch too much… They are also thick enough to keep me warm during a Wisconsin winter.”

$29 $37 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Kids

Amazon Kindle Kids
Foster a love of reading with a Kindle designed specifically for kids — preloaded with Harry Potter, and $50 off! (Photo: Amazon)

Built with reading in mind, the Kindle Kids doesn’t have games, ads or videos so there are fewer distractions. It has a glare-free black and white display and a battery life that can last weeks, making it a great travel companion. The lightweight device can hold over a thousand Amazon Kids+ titles and comes with the complete Harry Potter series installed. It also has a two year worry free warranty — if it breaks, Amazon will replace it for free. Amazon has discounted the popular device to a mere $60. 

A reviewer who prefers e-readers because of how little strain they put on the eyes, says “The battery is really great. The available colors are really nice… My niece was super excited to have her own Kindle! A success!” And adds: “As a parent, if you don’t already have your own Kindle, you can use it as a regular Paperwhite which is great to read even at night with it’s adjustable backlit screen.”

$60 $110 at Amazon

Jabra Elite 75t earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t earbuds
Take calls hands-free with superb sound quality! Save $70 (Photo: Amazon)

Any parent can tell you the gift they really need is an extra set of hands — these Jabra Elite 75t earbuds can at least give them back one of their own. The wireless buds have 4-microphone call technology to filter out background noises like wind. They also have active noise cancellation in case you’d like to tune out Bluey in the background; alternative, the HearThrough feature will minimize your audio so you can listen in to what’s happening around you. The battery life can last up to 24 hours, even with noise cancelling on, so you can take calls, play music or podcasts, or tell Alexa what to do for a full day. Oh, and right now they’re only $80 (which is almost half off!). 

A happy user shares: “These earbuds are amazing. They sound great….because of the Qualcomm AAC HD support. The battery life is great. It has approximately 7.5 hours on a single charge, and 28 hours total charge with the charging case. They look is very aesthetic and minimalistic. It’s one of the best looking wireless earbuds in my opinion. The soundstage is superb. It sounds very clear all around and the bass is punchy and strong.” 

$80 $150 at Amazon

Regalo My Portable Play Yard

Regalo My Portable Play Yard
Have a safe space for the little ones anywhere — for only $50! (Photo: Amazon)

Regalo’s My Portable Play Yard is a great indoor or outdoor space for kids from 6 to 24 months. It has six 48-inch wide by 26-inch tall panels and a nylon bottom. The best part is the fold and go design that makes the whole contraption easy to set up or take down in literal seconds. The steel frame and reinforced stitching are study, and the safety-lock features meets safety standards. Because the ventilating mesh walls and nylon bottom are so easy to clean, it works great for pets as well as rowdy children. And right now, it’s only $50. 

One reviewer who calls the My Portable Play Yard a must-have adds, “This definitely exceeded my expectations! It is so easy to pen and close, and. I have a 10 month old, so I’m usually one-handed. It takes literally 10 seconds. I’m so thoroughly thrilled with this product, and I really think all moms and dads should have this!”

$49 $70 at Amazon

Gimars XL Reversible Foldable Play Mat

Gimars XL reversible baby mat
Create a fun, colorful (stain-hiding) play zone, and save $22. (Photo: Amazon)

A quality play mat can be used for babies, older kids during arts and crafts or for camping even. It’s worth getting one that’s easy to fold away and store, like this one from Gimars which also has a waterproof PE coat for easier cleaning. It’s 0.6 inches thick and measures 36 x 16 x 7 inches. The material it’s made from is non-toxic and odor-free as well as being scratch resistant. Gimars adorable panda + car design mat is now $22 off, so you can grab it for $78. 

A reviewer who says they would definitely recommend these mats says, “I bought two so I could cover the length of the living room area my daughter plays in. They have fun prints on both sides, they were thick enough to pad her falls and it kept her from lying or crawling on the cold hard floors. They are easy to wipe clean of spills. We put them out during the day and fold them up quite easily at night and tuck them under our couch so they are out of sight and out of the way.”

$78 $100 at Amazon

LILLEbaby Pursuit Pro All-Positions Baby Carrier

LILLEbaby Pursuit Pro All Positions baby carrier
This lightweight baby carrier can be worn six ways — get it while it’s on sale!

There are plenty of times it makes sense to strap on baby instead of pulling out a bulky stroller or hauling around a car seat. The LÍLLÉbaby Pursuit Pro All-Positions baby carrier can be worn in six positions and is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. It can be worn on the front or the back and has a removable sleeping hood and a large storage pocket. It’s available in blue, grey or black and it’s on sale from $100 down to $77.

One reviewer, who has fibromyalgia, shares: “This carrier did not disappoint! It is extremely lightweight material and it feels so comfortable, just like leggings! The sapphire color is absolutely gorgeous…and this is the only carrier my husband will even use. Also the structure of it feels very nice and supportive! I was very pleased to discover that it doesn’t add to my back pain, instead it gives me even more support.”

$77 $100 at Amazon

Ever Advanced Foldable wagon

Ever Advanced Foldable Wagon
Makes a trip to the farmers’ market or soccer practice easier (and more fun!). (Photo: Amazon)

Hauling around all the stuff you need for a trip with your kids can make you feel like a pack mule. A lightweight, foldable wagon like the one from Ever Advanced saves everyone extra trips and a sore back. Build of nylon and steel it can hold up to 110 pounds and can be pushed or pulled. It has a removable canopy for sun protection as well as two storage pockets and a cup holder. With an auto lock on the side frame, brakes, a 5-point harness and an anti-shock system it’s built for safety. It’s also on sale for $30 off. 

A reviewer who says they’d buy this wagon again without a doubt adds, “The wagon doesn’t feel hard to pull or push on the grass or dirty/clay even with kids and sports equipment in it…I absolutely love it and I couldn’t even tell you how many compliments we get from people seeing this beautiful wagon. Edit: Nine months later of using it and I absolutely love it still!”

$300 $330 at Amazon

Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand double stroller
This double stroller is down to just $100! (Photo: Amazon)

Throwing the kids into a stroller for a quick walk or errand shouldn’t be a hassle. Baby Trend’s Sit N’ Stand double stroller can get easily folded up with one hand. It accepts two infant car seats or children can sit in the front and rear seats, or one can sit up front and one can stand on the rear platform. There’s a canopy for sun protection and an under seat storage basket to hold jackets, shoes or snacks. It also has two cup holders for the folks pushing the stroller, and a cup holder for the kiddos. It only weighs 34 pounds and can take children up to 40 pounds in each seat. Right now, it’s down to a mere $100. 

A reviewer who says she’d buy the stroller again shares, “It’s light weight, folds up easily and gets the job done. Very durable! I love this stroller! My kids do too… Definitely worth it.” Another reviewer adds “Best bang for your buck, especially if you have twins. This works great and it’s easy to load.” 

$100 $170 at Amazon

Century Drive On 3-in-1 car seat

Century Drive On car seat
This car seat converts so it stays with kids up to 100 pounds. For Black Friday, it’s 51 bucks off. (Photo: Amazon)

A convertible car seat can be a great choice when you want a durable product that will adjust to your child’s needs as they grow. The Century Drive On 3-in-1 convertible car seat has a rear facing position for babies up to 40 pounds, a forward facing position for kids up to 65 pounds and converts to a forward facing booster seat that works up to 100 pounds. It has a slim design so it won’t add bulk to your back seat and the colorful fabrics are made from recycled materials. It’s also only $108 right now, making it cheap enough to grab as a backup for a second vehicle. 

One happy customer who calls the car seat amazing, says: “Best car seat we’ve ever had! Function and beauty in one. The best feature is no rethreading of the shoulder straps, they go up and down with the one-handed head rest adjustment. Super soft cushioning, easy removal of the newborn piece. Height stands are easy to place and instructions are on both sides of the seat.”

$109 $160 at Amazon

Billiton Mashi Waterproof Diaper Bag

Billiton Mashi waterproof diaper bag
Pack everything your kiddo needs, and still look cool, with this sleek backpack — it’s only $20 — more than 50 percent off! (Photo: Amazon)

A great gift for any new parent is a diaper bag packed with essentials like diapers and burp cloths that they can throw in their car to have on hand anytime. This Billiton Mashi diaper bag has stylish Oxford cloth and is water resistant. It has a whopping eighteen pockets including outer and inner insulated pockets for bottles, as well as a USB charging port so you can easily recharge a phone or toy. The adjustable, padded shoulder straps and detachable chest buckle make it comfortable to wear for long periods. It’s also half off right now, at only $20 it’s easy to buy one for a friend too! 

One reviewer who called themselves impressed adds “This backpack is very well made. Good quality material and very stylish…It’s also unisex, so me and the hubby can carry it.” Another reviewer declares “I am in love with this diaper bag. I love the front storage compartment for the bottles. There are so many places to store things, and it has a place to charge your phone. It’s light weight and easy to lug around.” 

$20 $42 at Amazon

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