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How to choose your pressure washer

First and foremost, we always advise when starting your own driveway cleaning company, that you start by purchasing the most powerful pressure washer that meets your budget. Ultimately, the more expensive the pressure washer, the better the performance. This means that you will be able to complete jobs quicker. Therefore, you’ll be able to complete more jobs on a daily basis, earning you a load more money!

Consider the PSI and flow rate of your pressure washer

In addition to price points, other important factors to consider when choosing your starting pressure washer is the PSI and flow rate. These two factors indicate the overall power of a pressure washer. Usually, the greater the pressure and flow rate the more powerful and efficient the pressure washer.

We often recommend to many of our customers that a good starting point would be a 14 HP petrol pressure washer or a 10 HP pressure washer. We recommend these pressure washers because they are powerful. The engine is coupled to a 37000PSI (240 Bar) pump running at 15 litres per minute. As a result, both pressure washers offer a high volume of water at a high pressure meaning the nozzle attachments will ensure effective cleaning on all types of surfaces. In addition to this, they will have no problem with any additional accessories such as a rotary cleaner or turbo nozzle. Both of these pressure washers will give you more than enough power and pressure to complete all of your daily tasks with ease.

If your budget does not quite reach to one of the larger pressure washers, then do not worry! We have cheaper alternatives that are still powerful and reliable in getting the job done. The KIAM Warrior 3000 or 2800P for example, are both 6.5 HP so slightly less powerful, but they are extremely popular pressure washers that are effective, reliable and durable. Despite being slightly smaller in HP, both the KIAM Warrior 3000 and 2800P have no trouble supporting extra accessories.

Purchasing accessories for your pressure washer

When choosing to purchase extra accessories to accompany your pressure washer you will want to consider the engine power of the pressure washer. For example, if you opt to purchase a pressure washer with a 14HP engine then this will support the largest rotary cleaners (18 & 21 inches) at optimum pressure and performance. If you opt for a KIAM Warrior 3000 or 2800P for example, with a slightly smaller 6.5HP engine, then to maintain the optimum pressure and performance a 12-inch rotary cleaner will be sufficient.

Kiam KM3700P Petrol High Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner (14HP) £1,699.99  £799.00

Kiam KM3600DX Industrial Diesel Pressure Washer (10HP) £2,049.99  £1,195.00

Kiam KM2700P Petrol High Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner (6.5HP) £465.00

Patio, Drains, Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Package KM3600DXR £3,220.00  £1,729.83

Business Start-Up Pack Pressure Washer – Petrol (Warrior 3000P, KV80-3, SurfacePro 12 and accessories) £2,295.00  £1,609.93

Kiam KM5000P Petrol High Pressure Washer Jet Cleaner (20HP) £4,999.00  £3,995.00

M22 Female – M22 Female Heavy Duty 1/4″ Rubber Pressure Washer Hose £51.99  £37.95

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