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Your family’s safety is of paramount importance to us

Squishy foam mats or those large colourful floor puzzles can seem like a great way to keep your baby comfortable during tummy time or cushion your clumsy toddler’s falls. As useful as these play mats are, it is important to choose the right material before buying.

Some mats are made of substances that can harm your baby’s health, and manufacturers are often not transparent about what is in their “foam” products.

For many parents, play mats are typically large 600x600mm multi-coloured Jigsaw pieces that you have to assemble together as/when needed. Having to continuously fold & unfold, assemble & dismantle a child’s play mat to use it or to have to put it away is definitely NOT a practical solution.

Let’s face it, who wants a giant, multi-coloured foam jigsaw as a permanent fixture on their living room floor?! But worse than that, these low cost tiles are typically made from toxic foam materials.

The safety of products manufactured for use by children is particularly important, since children are especially vulnerable to toxic exposures, especially in the first couple of years where items aren’t just touched but tasted!

When we first started on this journey we had a specific idea of what we wanted from a floor covering:

1. There had to be sufficient protection against bumps and falls on hardwood floors. Otherwise, it would be easy enough to throw an organic cotton blanket on the floor and call it a day.

2. The mat had to be large enough for a baby/toddler to actually play on.

3. The mat had to be non-toxic and eco-friendly.

4. Had to pass our ‘practicality’ tests:
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Wasn’t a trip hazard / didn’t slide under foot
– Aged well and was robust enough for everyday family life
– No need to assemble / disassemble when needed

5. Offered an ‘adult’ interior design option on one side.

6. Offered an educational / early learning / interactive play design on the other side.

Babycare Boho Blue & Alphabet Soft Floor Mat £148.00

Transform any floor of your home into a safe and hygienic play area with this Babycare Boho Blue luxury padded floor mat.

Mataplay mat designs have been developed to meet the needs of both Parent and Child, without compromising on safety, which is why they have frequently appeared at the top of professional ‘mother & baby’ play mat reviews globally.

A gorgeous Navy Blue which was voted interior colour of the year.  Whether you have neutral interiors, pale flooring or darker interiors and flooring, the Boho Blue remains a bestseller and favourite among parents and compliments a wide variety of interior design schemes and colours. Timeless style. 

Flip it over and you have a fun, educational, early learning alphabet printed on the reverse side, with each letter of the alphabet being depicted with an associated symbolic graphic like a Lion for the letter ‘L’.

Size: 2.1m x 1.4m x 1.3cm
Weight: 8.8 Kg

Babycare Boho Yellow & Alphabet Soft Floor Mat £126.00

Size: 2.1m x 1.4m x 1.3cm
Weight: 8.8 Kg

Babycare Chevron Line On Grey & Playtime Track £165.00

Large Size:      2.1m x 1.4m x 1.3cm         Weight: 8.8 Kg
Medium Size: 1.85m x 1.25m x 1.2cm     Weight: 7.2 Kg
Small Size:      1.0m x 1.4m x 1.2cm         Weight: 5.0 Kg

Dwinguler Animal World & Alphabet Playmat £204.00

Extra Large – 2.3m x 1.4m x 15mm – 12kg

Dwinguler Circle Town Playmat £130.00

Circular – 1.4m Diameter x 15mm – 7.3kg

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